All the participants are requested to register to the symposium (online registration) from symposium special web site at: 


How to register to the symposium

1. Creating a user account

First, please create a user account on the symposium special web site. Visit the web site and choose "create a new account". It guides you to the "Create Account" page. Please fill in your name and contact information, and click/tap "Next" button at the bottom of the page. Summary of your contact information will be displayed - please check the information you entered, and click/tap "Next" button to create your account. An email will be sent to your email address for validation. Please make sure to check your email and click the link to validate your account. You can log in to the symposium web site once the validation is compeleted.

Sample screenshot for account creation:

Sample email for account validation:

2. Registration to the symposium

Once your account is created, please log in to the symposium web site and start online registration. Registration can be done in either "My Page" or "Registration" tab in the web site. Please choose registration type (student or general), and choose your institute from 4 institutes on the pull-down menu (if you are a collaborator, please choose the institute you are collaborating with). Since the symposium has no registration fee, you do not need to input Payment Method, but please click "Please select this button" instead. Click/tap "confirm" button: the summary of the registration will be displayed. Check your input and click/tap "Register" button to finish registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the registration will be confirmed by the symposium secretariat. You can just proceed to "Paper Submission" even though your registration has not been confirmed.

Sample screenshot for registration:

3. After the registration

When you finish your registration, a message: "Confirming participation application" will be displayed in your "My Page". You can proceed to "Paper Submission" to submit an abstract for your presentation, or "User information" to correct your registration information.

Sample screenshot of My Page after registration:

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